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These days, successfully navigating the sea of opportunities in the special education or medical industry takes time, selectivity, and logistics. If you’re a skilled school instructor/therapist/counselor, an experienced hospital physician, a mid-level nurse, or one of many of the healthcare professionals in between, take a deep breath! Salveo efficiently helps you find placement options that fit your needs without sacrificing excellence or affordability.

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Salveo is known for our code of excellence and that’s only the beginning. We believe you need a recruiter to understand who you are, so we listen to you and emphasize getting to know you. Our staff takes the time to discuss your preferences and goals in order to match you with the best possible opportunities for a rewarding career. Like you, we have a passion for the business of helping others. Call us today to begin your job search.

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Salveo has a wide network of employers looking to tap into the best of the best of special education instructors, therapists, counselors, and medical professionals…that means you! Schools, hospitals, and clinics here and across the nation are in constant contact with our recruiting staff. Call us today to begin exploring your next opportunity.

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